Den danske madkultur

The Danish food culture is based on the three main meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is often very fat and far from healthy. The food culture is created through an interplay between the raw materials, Danish values, knowledge, economy , education, technology, etc. This means that Danish food culture is constantly changing - among other things. because of all the tastes and experiences you bring home from travel. However, there is not only a Danish food culture - there is a big difference between whether you are from Southern Jutland or Copenhagen. 
However, the focus is always on the three main meals - which are in between themselves stand by a whole menu- where there are good opportunities to vary the dishes. Even meals during the day could look like this:

- Breakfast: Brunch

- Lunch: Smørrebrød

- Dinner: Hamburger with a good steak

The Danish food culture, and thus also the classic Danish dishes , is in a process of change, and one is about to leave the heavy and unhealthy meals. At Just-Eat.dk , the restaurants give you the opportunity to create your own food culture yourself. Is it influenced by Asia or the United States? Try it out and find what suits your taste buds best!