1 What is KYC?

The KYC (Know Your Customer) process is a procedure to verify restaurants
cooperating with Its aim is to identify the so-called real beneficiary and to verify bank accounts to which funds from orders paid online are transferred. This procedure is enforced by the European Union Directive against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

In accordance with this directive, is required to identify the restaurants listed on its platform, as well as the owners and legal representatives (managers). Without identification, may no longer be obliged to process your payments.

1.1 The KYC process has 2 phases:

KYC I: Collect and validate all relevant documentation to ensure the identity of the restaurant owner can be verified.
KYC II: Validate that the identity as verified under KYC I corresponds with the holder of the account we make payouts to.


1.2 Who is the Ultimate Beneficiary Owner (UBO)?

The Anti Money Laundering Directive defines a UBO is any natural person(s) who ultimately owns or controls the customer (i.e. a corporate entity or other legal entity) and/or the natural person(s) on whose behalf a transaction or activity is being conducted. In respect of corporate entities this definition of a UBO is further specified as a natural person who ultimately holds a shareholding, controlling interest or ownership interest over 25% of the shares or voting rights in a corporate entity.

2. Why does every restaurant have to go through the verification process?

Due to the dynamic development of our services in Continental Europe and as a result of our efforts to increase the security of storing and processing money collected from orders paid online, the Group, of which is a part, has been obliged to apply for a payment intermediary license. The change of the European law and our willingness to increase security resulted in us having to developed a procedure called "Know Your Customer"also abbreviated as KYC.

3. How does the verification process work?

The verification process begins with the completion of the necessary documents. For this purpose, an e-mail was sent to you asking you to send the necessary data. Then trusted employees enter the information into the system. After the data upload is completed, you will receive an email confirming the verification of documents.

4. What documents are necessary to complete the verification process?

A copy of a document proving the identity of the owner(s), e.g.: identity card, passport or residence card, confirmation of the bank account (the bank account must be registered with the owner or company), confirmation of the owner's address of residence (unless it appears on the identity card).

5. Caution with your bank information.

We do not accept Credit cards. Copies must be deleted immediately!

We accept the following:

Copy bank debit card; or

Copy bank statement; or

Copy bank confirmation letter; or

screenshot banking app or website (must show whole document)

The following information must always be included in the provided document:

  • IBAN

  • Restaurant name (in case of legal or non legal entity) or UBO name (in case of single owned restaurant. )

  • Bank name/logo

  • Must show the whole document/screenshot. Information that is not relevant can be blurred.

  • Copy of back side of bank card is not required if this does not show relevant information.

6. Which identity documents are acceptable?

The identification documents that we require are:
1. Passport
2. Identity Card
3. Residence Permit"

7. Which documents are accepted as proof of residence of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners, or of the Legal Representative who is acting at the Ultimate Beneficial Owner.

If the residential address of the ultimate beneficial owner is available on the Chamber of Commerce extract, we accept that.
In the absence of that we accept a copy of a utility bill e.g. an electricity bill (not older than 3 months).

8. How can I send copies of required documents?

We encourage you to upload well scanned copies of your documents via your restaurant account on our portal by following this link.
Alternatively via Email: [email protected].
This is a dedicated e-mail account, which can only be accessed by authorized and dedicated verification persons.

9. Why do you need to have Video Call with the Legal representative or Owner(s) of the Restaurant?

Upon receipt of your identifcation documents, we are also legally required to perform an additional verification step which is the face to face identification (and verification).

This is to support the identification of the legal representation / Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) of your restaurant.

A member of our verification team will set up a video call with you, during which you will be requested to show them your ID (clearly and readable).

10. What is a verification code?

"The verification code is a sequence of six digits, which you can find in the title of the transfer (if you have not already completed it). An approximate record of this title is: {Add the description (VERIFICATION CODE: ******}.

11. How do I enter the verification code?

The verification code should be entered after logging in to the Restaurant Partner Account from the Finances-Verification tab, or handed over to the agent on our hotline.