• Popular ❤️

    Mix it up box (12 stk.), Mix it up box (6 stk.), Extra Small Box (3 stk.)
  • Nytårs Special

    Bubbelia Special (Frugt Bubble tea/Donut Combo), Bubbelia Special (Mælk Frugt Te/Donut Combo), Bubbelia Special (Milkshake/Donut Combo), Pina Colada, Mojito Mint, Strawberry Colada, Summer Lover, Nytårs Tilbud (Guava Tropical Drink), Nytårs Tilbud (Mix Fruit Tropical Drink)
  • Bokse

    Small Box (6 stk.), Medium Box (8 stk.), Large Box (12 stk.), Mix it up box (6 stk.), Mix it up box (12 stk.), Extra Small Box (3 stk.), Vegansk XS Box (3 stk.), Vegansk Small Box (6 stk.)
  • Donuts

    Skumfidus donut, Regnbue donut, Diam Donut, Oreo Donut, Bueno Donut, Twix donut, Lakridsskellet donut, Bounty donut, M&M's med peanuts, Jordbær donut
  • Bagværk

    Crossiant, smør, Kanelsnegle, Tebirkes, Klassisk amerikansk cookie
  • Bubble Tea

    Bubble Tea 0,40 L (VG), Mælk te 0,40 L, Grøn te 0,40 L, Sort te 0,40 L, Frugt mælkte
  • Bubbelia Special Combo

    Bubbelia Special - Jordbær, Bubbelia Special - Oreo, Bubbelia Special - Cookie, Bubbelia Special - M&M, Bubbelia Special - Kinder Bueno, Bubbelia Special - Nutella, Bubbelia Special - Kokos, Bubbelia Special - Lakrids
  • Milkshakes

    Nutella Milkshake 0,4l, Ben &Jerry Milkshake, Banan Milkshake, Jordbær Milkshake, Mango Milkshake, Mix Bær Milkshake, Kinder Bueno, Oreo Milkshake, Cookie Milkshake, M&M Milkshake
  • Chai

    Iskold Chai
  • Iste

    Iskold te
  • Lassi

    Mango Lassi 0,4 l
  • Drikke

    Red Bull energy drink, Coca Cola 0,33 L, Faxe Kondi 0,33 L, Pepsi Max 0,33 L, Squash 0,33 cl, NOBE Aloevera, NOBE Jordbær, Smirnoff Raspberry, Prime
  • Kaffe

    Iskold Kaffe, Iskold Mocha
  • Chips og Snacks

    Taffel Original Chips, Bilkano sticks, Bilkano Mixure, Bilkano Crunch, Bilkano Lemon Hit, Naughty Tamato Kurkure, Chilli Chatka Kurkure, Crunchy Munchy, Mixture Snack, Syrligt og sødt Snack

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